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The goal of Buy-Humalog.com is to provide a free resource for those currently taking or planning to take Humalog as prescribed by their doctor. Buy-humalog.com offers accurate, up to date information on general topics related to Humalog. It is important to address safety precautions that should be followed while taking the drug.

Humalog Safety

Humalog should be stored in its original container, with the container remaining tightly closed. The vials are best stored in the refrigerator, where they remain cool without freezing. You may also store vials outside of the refrigerator only if they are in a cool, dark area. The vials can be unrefrigerated for 28 days. If your doctor recommends that you dilute your medication, then it can remain outside of the refrigerator for only 14 days. Any medication that is outdated or that you no longer have a prescription to take should be thrown away immediately. You can contact your pharmacist for additional questions regarding how to dispose of Humalog.

Although Humalog may be used to treat conditions not listed on this site, you should never use the drug to treat a condition that has not been discussed with your doctor. Do not let anyone who does not have a prescription for Humalog take your medication. Speak with your doctor for additional information about Humalog safety. Your doctor can provide you with more extensive information that may only be available to licensed medical professionals.